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Vocal Coach Unveiled

Be Able to Listen

Yes, it’s a good thing that the coach can sing, but what they need to spot is when someone else can sing. It’s to be objective and not subjective. If the coach doesn’t just teach a specific form of singing then they have to avoid letting their own musical tastes get in the way. Most of the time listening will be all that the tutor will be doing. The only time when a vocal coach is obliged to sing anything is when they are providing an example of a certain technique.

More than Just a DVD…

If any prospective teacher believes that they can teach a student exclusively from a DVD and a stereo system then they should consider another profession. Anybody can pick up a DVD and then sing along with it, they don’t need someone else to help them with that. A tutor is expected to do much more than that, and that’s why it’s important to know all about the relevant vocal exercises.

Vocal Exercises

Singing is all about using the muscles in the neck. To keep a muscle running at its optimum performance it’s necessary to exercise it. That means they have to be stretched out and warmed up prior to singing. This can only be done through recognising the needs of the student. If it’s done incorrectly then it can actually injure the student and impair their performance. Learn these vocal exercises through formal training before entering the field of teaching people how to sing in a certain manner.