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Tricks Train Your Voice

No matter what style of singing you prefer the basic voice training concepts are the same. You might like to swing, or rock or croon or even rap but the same approach to training your voice still applies.

One of the most important things for a singer is breath control. To create the best platform for proper breathing you must stand up straight and balanced. This will create the room that your diaphragm needs so you can control your airflow down low from the diaphragm.

You might have a naturally great sounding voice but you will never achieve your singing potential if you do not learn proper breathing technique. You will need great breath control to become a great singer. This can only be achieved by learning to fill your body with air from the diaphragm. So instead of pulling your diaphragm up to support your lungs you should relax your diaphragm and let it fill with air. Once you can do this regularly you will have much better vocal control, tone, agility and stamina.

There is a technique called energized phonation that you should try to master. Basically, this consists of learning to control the exhaling of your air into sound. At this point you are not working on pitch or tone, just sound and air. Try and let out a steady hiss over a period of time without changing the hiss at all. Once you have mastered this move onto buzzing your lips to make sound and again master this technique. You will be learning to control your breath as it leaves your body.