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Some Basic Rules of Singing

  • Prepare your mind:

Multitasking is good, but not when you are singing. While you are practising, do not get engaged into or carried away by any other activities. All you have to do is focus on the music without any distractions and practise your technique.

  • Prepare your body:

While you are practising or performing, your face should not be frozen. It is necessary to stretch the muscles of your shoulders, neck, legs and back. The frozen expression is a sign of tension and nervousness. So, feel free and keep your body flexible.

  • Learn to manage the breath support:

Take a full breadth before you start signing so that you do not hold your breath into your throat or neck muscles. Hold your breath to the diaphragm and ribs so that you can hold them to enhance your tone.

  • Stand with erect posture:

The way you stand will affect your performance. Standing erect with chin up will boost up your confidence and helps you to perform better. These are a few food habits:

  • Do not consume dairy products before you perform:

The dairy products produce phlegm which can ruin your high notes. So, it is advisable not to have milk, cheese, butter or any other dairy products, at least a few hours before your performance.

  • Bananas will help controlling nerves:

Bananas are full of magnesium and potassium which help you to give your best, as you can sing without trembling or sweating. If you are one of those several banana haters, you can attack on apricot and spinach, as they are magnesium rich too.

  • 8 glasses of water every day is a must:

There can hardly be anyone who is not aware of the benefits of water. It is anyways beneficial to drink water and stay hydrated for the non singers as well. However, the singers should definitely have water 8 times a day to keep their vocal folds hydrated.

  • Caffeinated beverages are enemies:

Caffeine is one thing that dehydrates and damages your vocal folds. So, it is strictly ‘No’ to consume caffeine; especially for the opera singers.