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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Enjoy Singing

Some of the best teachers offer voice lessons in a studio to overcome a potential flaw which exists in the voice of many learners. They will impart good microphone technique to you and your recording team. You will learn how to be careful about keeping your mouth the right distance from the microphone. Remember that the kind of microphone you are singing into will determine how loud you will be singing and the type of sound you end up with. Singing in the studio and singing live in front of a crowd are two totally separate singing techniques and require unequaled levels of singing expertise. When recording in a studio, the challenge is to ensure that every nuance and tonal inflection is heard.

Flawless vocal technique is never an accident. It requires rigorous training and skilful guidance. This is precisely what you can expect from vocal coaches in Orange County. A good vocal coach needs to have the ability to spot, and if possible, reverse vocal damage of a singing student. The symptoms of vocal abuse may be chronic hoarseness, persistent sore throats or even loss of voice by the end of the day. It is your vocal coach who serves as monitor of your musical passion and vocal health. There are many professional singers who offer singing lessons and voice lessons to those who are looking to become outstanding singers.

It is vital to get singing lessons from experienced and knowledgeable teachers who can really facilitate your singing to get better. It is critical that you find the right singing teacher. If you train under the wrong one, your effort and time as well as money will just be wasted. At the end of the day you may end up having a worse voice instead of improving it. You should survey several options before making your choice.

Problem With Singing

Think of your as a five speed car, with some basic controls that affect the gears: gas, clutch, steering, and some signals With constriction, it’s like you’re stuck in second gear trying to get onto the freeway! When it comes time to sing to the high note, it’s essential that you’re able to change gears, and activate the small unique muscles that allow the voice to go into the very highest notes with ease and freedom. Many singers are not able to access all the gears of their vehicle, or even know that they exist.

Chest Voice and Head Voice

Put your hand on your chest and say “Wow”. Now sing “Woow” in your head voice. Notice the difference between these registers. There are three approaches to deal with the break between chest voice and head voice:

1.Pull up the chest voice

This is the most common pitfall, and the most damaging to your voice. Even ten minutes singing while you’re pushing hard at the top of your chest voice range can tire your voice and leave you feeling scratchy and hoarse.

2. Flip into falsetto

Falsetto is a state where your vocal cords have blown apart, and your voice sounds airy and “false”. It doesn’t really hurt your voice, but it sure sounds odd to you and everyone else.

3. Blend your chest voice and head voice, and sing at the Balance Point.

When you sing at the Balance Point, there is no break between the chest voice and the head voice. There are already some popular programs that teach you how to sing in your mix, mainly by Seth Riggs and Brett Manning. I know those teachers and their methods. I believe my method is unique, in that it reveals some common pitfalls that students of those methods encounter, namely tension in the jaw and tongue that prevents key muscle groups from activating.
Back to the car analogy, if you’re hoping to change gears as you get onto the freeway, you’d better know how to work the clutch and the gas at the same time, and know where the gears are. In the JDSMethod, I show you how to balance your head voice and chest voice by awakening you to the control elements that allow your voice to function at it’s fullest. Did you know that hidden tension in your jaw can inhibit the small but powerful muscles that allow your voice to transition smoothly from chest voice to head voice? Did you know that a little coordination of your nose can multiply your power by three or four times? Many singers study voice for years without becoming aware of the secrets that I will share with you in this vocal method. In it, I outline the major control elements of the voice:

Vocal Cords
Air Control
Outer Muscle

Exploit Unique Style

Deliberate Use of Style Aids Expression

Your singing coach will tell you how to utilize those vocal nuances which help set the mood for a specific song. Remember, when you have thought through these aspects and learned how to implement your ideas, you will have a sense of fulfillment regardless of how your performance has been received. That does not mean you can afford to ignore public opinion or the kind of reception your songs get. On the contrary, it should help you understand the areas you need to polish and the areas where you need to focus attention to convert the boos into thunderous clapping.

An aspect of learning singing which tends to get neglected is performance training. After all group singing can help you project your singing voice. When you start training and singing you need to put ego on the shelf for a while and submit to the ideas of your teacher. As long as you have signed up under the kind of coach who teaches you step by step and nurtures you talent, there is no need to cavil even if you have to unlearn some techniques which you might learned earlier.

Microphone and Singing

There is time has gone to fear of defeat in singing competition now, whether you thought that you cannot sing confront of your competitors. These karaoke wireless microphones will make you bright definitely and give oomph to enjoy singing. Singing is one process to sing where you can distinguish your voice quality and can figure harsh voice pliable.

These technologies based magic sing microphone have the quality to expand your capability and there is no need to take load of CD’s, DVD’s and recorder or big player with you as these mic have atypical feature to insert magic sing song chips into your magic mic where you can easily load or delete songs in a single small chip, and you can record your voice in it too. There is many technologies based microphones are available in market with cheapest price but which would be better for quality wise as well as durability as here’s not the mean of cost thus people always have this kind of perplexity to choosing the best one either wireless microphone or karaoke. Nowadays many online shops provide many variety of magic microphones along with song chips which have many preloaded songs in many sundry languages so you can access all these songs or can ply with your microphone easily while pressing a single button so go surly at the trustable shop where you can freely opt newest microphones of your favorite color accordingly your taste.